Legendary medieval helmet resurfaces at Mablethorpe’s St Mary’s Church open day

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Residents have been treated to a rare viewing of a medieval helmet enticed with local history at an open day at Mablethorpe’s St Mary’s Church.

The helmet owned by St Mary’s Church is brought out specially for viewing only once a year for history lovers to see.

This special exhibition of the helmet made up a part of the church’s open day which took place on Saturday (August 10).

Legend tells us that this helmet may in fact have belonged to a well known knight called Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, who was involved in a swordfight with another earl during the English Civil War.

Evidence was unearthed in 2009 and shared with the Mablethorpe Leader by Mablethorpe film group visions.

They had searched library archives, online records and followed a trail of clues to lead them to historical knowledge about the swordfight on a bridge in Mablethorpe where Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam and another earl ended up both being killed.

But even today, no one knows a accurate account of the reason why the fight took place, but visions believed the reason was over land.

The bridge, known as Earl’s Bridge resides in Mablethorpe’s Alford Road.

Centuries ago the bridge was believed to be a dirt track over a dyke separating the boundaries of Mablethorpe and Maltby le Marsh.

At the time the historical evidence was uncovered, the chairman, John Gregory explained: “We have been looking into legend of a duel on a bridge in which two earls were fatally wounded and then buried in the town.”

The tomb said to be of Thomas Fitzwilliam can still be seen in St Mary’s Church.

Do you have anymore information on this rare helmet or the history behind it?

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