LETTER: Ambulance waits would be eased if GP system was improved

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EDITOR - The problem is that too many people are not responsible for themselves and call ambulances when they are not required.

They don’t even try to get to hospital under their own steam or phone out of hours first.

It’s easier for them to call an ambulance then people like Mr Andrews are left waiting because the ambulance is elsewhere.

The government/NHS needs to make seeing a GP much easier and make them available for longer during the week and at weekends.

I remember as a child sitting in a GP surgery for hours waiting to be seen and to a certain extent if we went back to that it would weed out those who could either go to the chemists and buy over the counter medication for routine ailments leaving those with a real need happy to sit and wait.

The problem is that we are in an environment where people do not want to wait.

So make the system to see a GP easier as I am sure people will slip through the net who are seriously ill!


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