LETTER: Congratulations to all at Grayscroft

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EDITOR - I would like to congratulate Bill, Nigel and Ashley Barker and all at Grayscroft in Mablethorpe on their 90th anniversary and for all the years of safe travel from when mother took us on them as children where farm hands and their families would fill the bus up from the cottages along the old route to Louth before they could afford a car.

Now I have gone full circle and am back using the service again.

When I was in my teens I would catch the late night bus back on a Saturday from Louth after seeing a film at the old cinema in Eastgate, now the Heron freezer shop. (Look up and you see the old cinema frontage still there),

And the bus would be full. They took us to Louth from what was the old ‘Cross Inn’ where the army lorry unloaded us as wet, cold and hungry kids after the 1953 floods and, I have so many good memories of a time now gone.

Their beginning reminds me so much of one of ‘wesleys’ inventions from ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and travelling with them shows the difference between a family run business compared to some of the big commercial companies!

Thank you again, and we look forward to your 100th. Some of us wont use it but I hope you do because you have earned it with curtesy and reliability.