LETTER: Crap Towns author backs Louth after ex-councillor’s call for a supermarket

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EDITOR - Just spotted {http://www.louthleader.co.uk/news/local/interview-former-councillor-urges-louth-s-decision-makers-to-move-with-the-times-1-5308807|John Gains’ comments} and I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and point out how insane they are.

Building a supermarket in the middle of a lovely old market town is a one way ticket to destroying pretty much everything that currently makes it special and interesting.

If there are any lessons in Crap Towns it’s that supermarkets tear the hearts out of communities.

It’s deeply ironic that anyone could piggy-back on the book to try to put forward such a damaging idea. Indeed,

I’d be happy to come to Louth to help fight off Tesco...

Also, I haven’t from a single person complaining about the lack of supermarkets.

People complain that it’s dull - but even then they do it in an affectionate way. Lots and lots of people have pointed out that the town has a unique, special chain-free character.

They definitely regard that as a good thing.


Author - Crap Towns Returns