LETTER: Do you want to see Louth become a faceless town?

EDITOR - Louth has a long established cattle market - the only one in Lincolnshire. Louth is also the ‘food capital’ of Lincolnshire having two good sized supermarkets, a number of low cost food shops, a large number of butchers, bakers, greengrocers, wine merchants and a number of specialist food shops.

Our town has a good sized store plus a plethora of small privately owned shops offering a huge range of goods.

For some reason ELDC are planning to change this by a huge increase in car parking charges, building 970 houses and closing the cattle market to accommodate a huge semi out of town supermarket.

If these ill thought our plans go ahead, Louth will be become like any one of a 1,000 faceless, characterless towns.

All individuality will be gone as we all conform to the ‘standard pattern’. We should also remember that this will not be an ‘experiment’. If the ELDC goes ahead with all these plans then there is no going back - once installed they will be with us forever.

ELDC should present equal alternatives. The residents should then vote on what they want and the ELDC, being servants of the people, should implement the actions according to the wishes of the people

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth

EDITOR: ELDC insists it has a commitment to having a cattle market in Louth, even if it is on a new site. Louth must have a cattle market under the Royal Charter.