LETTER: New Aldi store can only be good for Louth’s regeneration

EDITOR - If indeed Aldi do get planning permission to build on the site of the old Malt Kiln it can only be good for Louth’s regeneration.

Firstly, to eventually get the Kiln knocked down and removed would be a God send after previous attempts and issues, especially for those living on the old LINPAC site opposite.

It would make that part of town look a whole lot better and would open up the working estate behind the Malt Kiln making it more inviting for people to see what further businesses are available in the town.

Aldi, like Lidl is a different kind of shopping experience to Morrisons and Co-op in the town and hopefully would allow the town centre shops to continue in keeping Louth Special - Aldi, as opposed to another large traditional supermarket coming to the town and hurting the town centre, to me seems a positive.

I support it and will continue to use town centre shops, the Co-op and Morrisons when required.


Saltfleetby St Peter