LETTER: We need to look at the facts over green waste charges

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EDITOR - Re: green waste charges. Firstly we need to look at the facts green waste was introduced to lower the landfill tax and fly tipping.

ELDC introduced a collection which was in 2002-2003 this was by the government at the time, before that it was a green sack that did not work either which the contractor at the time was service team who cotracted by ELDC, bags were purchased at cost, from customer service at town halls and outlets.

The three wheelie bin was then introduced which was well promoted at cost, and brought back into house by ELDC, looking at the service charge on the council tax bills which paying for collection of the service already by ELDC now they are now looking for charging extra for green waste, the facts to promote this kind of service again is not cost effective if the money has already been spent in the first instance to provide the three bin service, therefore it is a gamble, landfill tax could increase with cross contamination of the bins which would go into landfill or extra cost for sorting out if sent to the transfer station.

It could have rebound effect on another service an increase of fly tipping at the cost of the local authority the way is not going forward but seems to going back in time or wasting taxpayer money to have endless discussion or debate on this, the refuse teams provide a excellent service, to save cost to general public get rid of those would come up with these proposals.


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