LETTER: Why was my ‘micro’ turbine turned down when I’m right near to a giant wind farm?

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EDITOR - Some months ago, I, along with a certain wind turbine company applied to East Lindsey Planning Department for planning permission to erect a MICRO Turbine on my land, which would have been 14.97 mtrs tall with a blade measurement of approximately 5.5mtrs. As the description says...MICRO, meaning small.

In the first instance, the council approved it, but then, for some unknown reason it was decided that it would have to go to committee.

At the following meeting, councillors voted against it, but couldn’t agree on the reason, so they had to adjourn it for another month to give them time to conjure up a reason.

At the following meeting the application was refused....reason, it was fairly near to a listed building beside the canal and would adversely affect and de-value the landscape character of the area, the building in fact has 20 massive turbines at the other side of it (Conisholme) and almost as close.

So why was my piddly little turbine refused?

If you blinked as you drove past it, you wouldn’t have seen it anyway!

I did not expect to make my fortune from the micro turbine as it wouldn’t have belonged to me anyway, but it may have given me a bit of free electricity in darkness hours. Would this have hurt anyone?


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