Leyland: ‘No more cuts in East Lindsey’

Councillor Craig Leyland.
Councillor Craig Leyland.

The leader of East Lindsey District Council has urged the Government not to make any more cuts to funding.

Coun Craig Leyland admits local authorities the length and breadth of the country are being crippled by significant cuts in Whiteheall cash.

And, he says they would struggle to cope with any further reduction in income.

Coun Leyland said: “We are doing a very good job, but there’s only so much we can take.

“I regularly travel around the district and the cuts we have had to make are really starting to hurt people.

“It is like trying to find a light switch in a dark room. - a very dark room.”

Coun Leyland admitted the level of funding was in doubt because direct grants from central Government will be abolished next year and replaced with income from business rates.

He said: “We will be reliant on business rates, but that is not fully understood yet.

“We are trying to, as much as we can in terms of economic development and tourism development. We realise these are very important things.

“The more business we generate, the more income we can get.

“We are fully supportive of the county council initiative to get more funding.

“While we’ve cut to make efficiency savings, we are now starting to see they are actually harming the services we are providing.

“Local authorities have worked very hard on this, but the burden of government cuts has fallen on us. We are doing the groundwork. We are at the coalface. At some point, we have to have some release from it.

“While we are providing a good service, it’s not as good as it used to be.

“We acknowledge that. One of the challenges is that we are asking people to come to East Lindsey. They want to see it spick and span, but it is a challenge.

“We can’t throw the resources at it that we used to.”

“We are looking at how we do that.”