Library should get new lift in April

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The saga of Louth Library’s broken lift looks like having an end in sight.

The lift broke down last year after a man got stuck inside it.

After the incident at the end of August Lincolnshire County Council said: “The lift is currently out of order, but we hope to have it repaired in the near future.”

However it proved to be more complicated than at first thought and people have been waiting for five months for the lift to be put back in use.

People with disabilities attending events at the Conoco Phillips Room on the first floor of the library building use the lift to get them there.

Andy Fenn, Lincolnshire County Council Property Project Manager, told the Leader: “Having looked into it, it turned out that it was more cost-effective to replace the lift entirely rather than try to patch it up. Unfortunately this type of lift isn’t something you can buy off the shelf, so we’ve had to have one made to order. This is now being manufactured, and we’re hoping to have it installed by the end of April. In the meantime, we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience.”