Lincolnshire County Council accused of ‘false economy’ over proposed cuts to library services

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Lincolnshire County Council has been accused of creating a ‘false economy’ over their proposed cuts to library services in the county.

Speaking in the public forum at the Louth Town Council meeting on August 6, Louth resident and blogger Ros Jackson updated councillors on her efforts to get petitions against the cuts signed by members of the public in Louth.

She revealed she had, along with other volunteers, so far received nearly 700 signatures in Louth alone.

Although Louth Library would be unaffected by the proposals, nearby Sutton and Sea and Alford libraries would close unless volunteers take them on, and mobile library services across the area would nearly all be reduced.

The county council believes the changes will save them £2 million in the long run, with 32 of the 47 libraries in Lincolnshire being closed unless volunteers agree to run them.

Ms Jackson said: “I have a great deal of concern about the effects this will have on the literacy levels of the county, this is false economy by the county council.

“It’s going to be robbing future generations of a decent level of literacy.

“We’ve received 670 signatures in Louth alone, where the library isn’t actually threatened.

“The consultation has taken place but a lot of people aren’t aware that so many libraries will be closing.”

A number of councillors agreed to help to gather more signatures through the petitions, which will later be presented to the county council.

For further details on the proposals and to take part in the consultation, visit or pick up a copy of the questionnaire in a library.

The consultation runs until Monday, September 30.