Lincolnshire County Council champions growth

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council will head up a new national network that will champion growth around the country.

The announcement comes as the government moves to put local authorities in the driving seat when it comes to delivering the right growth for their area.

The county council will provide a range of support and advice that councils from around the country can draw on in creating plans and applying the very best practice when it comes to delivering sustainable development.

Coun Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “I’m delighted that Lincolnshire County Council has been chosen for this important national role. We’ve made significant progress on our own growth points, and today’s announcement is a reflection of our achievements with district councils. This move will enable local authorities to take the decisions that are needed to help their communities flourish.

“I look forward to supporting my colleagues around the country in delivering the right growth for their area in the best way possible.”

The Department for Communities and Local Government is making £44,000 of funding available over the next two years to support Lincolnshire in delivering this key piece of work.

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles said: “We have moved away from the Whitehall knows best approach where central government dictated to councils what and where to build. Local councils are now free to take the decisions that are right for their communities and Lincolnshire County Council will establish a range of support, advice and links to key organisations that will help councils in getting on and deliver sustainable growth.”

The county council will take over the running of the growth points website that shares experiences of successfully tackling the kinds of environmental and infrastructure issues affecting housing growth, such as flooding, water supply, nature conservation impacts and transport. The council will also establish an advisory group, bringing together local authorities, publicising case studies, and linking with the private sector and universities as well as relevant departments and agencies.