Lincolnshire County Council praised over careers guidance

Lincolnshire County Council has been highlighted for good practice in a national report into the transition of careers guidance from local authorities to schools.

From September 2012, schools have had a duty to provide independent and impartial careers guidance to students. This was previously the responsibility of local authorities.

The new arrangements have not stopped the county council providing strong support. A progress update from the Local Government Association highlights excellent practice in Lincolnshire, with the county council:

Engaging and maintaining a working partnership with schools as a key target, even where most schools are outside of its control;

Ensuring careers guidance is part of the curriculum and led by dedicated, experienced staff, an issue viewed as important by school staff;

Understanding the importance of careers guidance throughout schools, led by and supported by senior leadership teams and governing bodies;

Supporting the need for the guidance programme to be flexible and strong to cater for all transition stages;

Supporting provision of one-to-one interviews for young people by an external adviser and having an FE college present to talk to the students about alternative courses post 16.

Coun Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, said: “Just because we no longer provide careers guidance to students doesn’t mean we want to leave schools without support in the transition. We know careers guidance is an important part of the curriculum and even more necessary in these difficult times for young people trying to forge a career and look for permanent jobs.

“With this in mind we have provided free consultation to schools to ensure they meet their duties and understand what they have to do. The council also offers traded services that schools can purchase including one-to-one guidance interviews or careers evenings as well as funding apprenticeship champions who have visited students in school.”