Lincolnshire County Council responds to Labour group’s climate demands

Lincolnshire County Council
Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council has responded to the Labour group’s demands for the council to declare a ‘climate emergency’ and to agree to make the council’s activities carbon neutral by 2030.

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesperson commented: “Since 2008, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint from just over 81,000 tonnes to just over 49,000 tonnes – around 41% which we are proud of.

“To do this, we’ve put solar panels, LED lighting systems and more-efficient new heating systems in a number of our buildings and schools, and we continue to do this across the county.

“We’ve also invested over £9million in LED lighting upgrades to many of the county’s street lights, traffic signals and bollards.

“And, with introduction of part-night lighting and the switch off scheme, we’ve also managed to reduce our energy consumption by around 50% - saving over 12 million kwh.

“We now have a new plan in place, which was supported by our Environment & Economy scrutiny committee, which details our commitment to reduce it by a further 20% by 2023. The committee, made up of all political groups, highlighted the commendable approach.

“As a council, we continue to look at new ways of working, which will reduce our carbon footprint, so for example we will shortly be introducing video conferencing, electric cars for our corporate car users, and more flexible working.

“For us, it is important to have an approach which is reasonable and pragmatic, yet achievable.”

The issue is due to be discussed at a full meeting of the county council today (Friday).