Lincolnshire drugs support group to launch in Louth


A new drug and alcohol support group, which will cover the whole of Lincolnshire, is launching in Louth next month. ‘Drugs In Lincs’ launches at the Trinity Centre in Eastgate at 7pm on Thursday April 10, and will be a weekly event.

The support group is currently run by just one man, Ian Bertram, and is looking for passionate volunteers to step forward and help. In particular, a committee needs to be set up in order to acquire funding.

Mr Bertram said: “I have spent the last ten years as a Samaritan, and I lost my son 13 years ago through drugs.

“One of the most difficult things to do when you are affected by a loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol, is to openly admit and share the problem.

“Denial, shame and embarrassment can often play a huge part in someone not seeking help and support.

“My organisation offers you the opportunity to break down those barriers and welcomes people of all ages, to come forward and share their fears and concerns in a safe and friendly environment.”

Drugs In Lincs will offer a free 24-hour telephone helpline, discussion groups, and one-to-one support.

Mr Bertram said: “We are not counsellors, but due to personal experiences we really do care and can give you confidential and non-judgemental support.”

Visit for more information, or contact Mr Bertram at