Lincolnshire fire crews warn parents over children charging mobile phones between the sheets

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Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is reminding parents to check where their kids are charging their mobile phones at night, after new research shows 53% of youngsters charge their phone or tablet on their bed or under their pillow- potentially causing sheets to set fire.

Research by charity Electrical Safety First shows that 53 per cent of youngsters admitted leaving their phone, laptop or tablet charging on their bed and 38 per cent more kept them under pillows at night.

The firm says that charging electrical appliances on or near beds leaves families open to the risk of a house fire.

Emma Apter, spokesperson from Electrical Safety First said: “If a device is left surrounded by bedding or under a pillow, there is nowhere for the generated heat to dissipate and it will to become hotter and hotter. The heat caused by the device, combined with flammable materials, has the potential to cause fire and put property and lives in danger.”

Shona Wright, firefighter and community fire safety manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, added: “The added danger of charging your phone at night, is that it will take you longer to notice there is a fire, putting you and your family at greater risk, and in severe cases, the smoke could knock you unconscious before you even wake up.

“My advice is talk to your kids and find out where they are charging their electrical devices e.g. laptop, tablet, speakers, iphone etc.

“Try keep chargers downstairs and encourage them to re-charge after school or at tea time. A phone usually only takes 1 or 2 hours to charge - so why not charge it when you are settled down watching the Simpsons, Dr Who or Hollyoaks for example.”