Lincolnshire firefighters urge people to take more care after spate of grass and rubbish fires during the continuing heatwave


Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue has urged the public to take more care when disposing of lit materials after a spate of grass and rubbish fires in the ongoing heatwave - including ones in Louth and Trusthorpe.

On Sunday night, around 8.30pm, a crew from Louth put out a fire on ‘an area of scrub land on fire in the football ground at the rear of Stockwith Drive’.

And an hour later a crew from Mablethorpe attended a ‘controlled burn of garden waste which was being carried out safely’, but no action was required.

There have also been small grass and rubbish fires at sites across the county.

And with grass tinder dry, little or no rain forecast, and temperatures continuing to remain high, people are being urged to take more care.

Adressing their Twitter followers last night, a spokesperson for Lincs Fire & Rescue said: “The heatwave continues! Please remember to be extra careful with BBQs and extinguish cigs properly so you don’t cause an accidental fire!”