Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust praise Dvid Margarson after British Empire Medal presentation

Louth man David Margarson has received more praise after being presented with the British Empire Medal for his work helping people with mental health problems.

David Finch, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Non-Executive Director who was present at the ceremony and represented the trust on behalf of the Chairman, said: “On behalf of the trust, I would like to congratulate David on receiving his well-deserved honour in recognition of his work for the Trust and IAPT service.

“His role was crucial in developing and implementing the new employment advisory service and promoting it to Lincolnshire’s employers. Thanks to David, the employment advisory service in Lincolnshire offers a clearly defined pathway to those with common mental health issues experiencing employment problems.

“David’s contribution to the trust’s work has been a further and significant step towards removing the stigma attached to mental health. His lasting legacy is the awareness amongst employers of the mental wellbeing of their staff and of the help available for people struggling with mental health problems who may find it difficult to remain in employment or to get back to work.

“It is very pleasing to see how our service achieves excellent outcomes based on how it was initially set up by David. The Trust is proud that his work has been recognised in this prestigious way.”