Lincolnshire’s first technology hub opens in Mablethorpe

Terry Stow, Steve Hindley and Tony Howard trying out some of the new equipment at  Lincolnshire's first
Terry Stow, Steve Hindley and Tony Howard trying out some of the new equipment at Lincolnshire's first

Lincolnshire’s newest business venture that provides Mablethorpe with access to cutting-edge digital technology has been hailed an overwhelming success by locals.

The official opening of the first ever technology hub was showcased to the resort last week, May 21 and is housed at the Coastal Community Centre, Victoria Road in Mablethorpe.

The launch event saw a great turnout and people had the time to see demonstrations of 3D technology, including printing and scanning.

The idea behind the hub is to give residents and business owners of the resort the chance to learn more about today’s emerging technologies that they may not know about.

And the opportunity to learn about how this technology is used and how it can help them.

It also presented the chance to test drive the new equipment before making a purchase and access to workshops and connect with other businesses.

Coun Colin Davie of Lincolnshire County Council said: “We’re very pleased with the interest that’s already being shown in the new hub, and we’re sure it’s going to be a vital resource for the town.

“The launch was a chance for people to see, first hand what’s on offer and try out the equipment for themselves so they can then plan to use it to enrich their work lives, or for community activities.

“Through this initiative we’re bringing the best and latest technology to areas which haven’t been able to access such cutting-edge digital service. offering it free of charge was just icing on the cake.

“We’re sure that businesses will embrace the services available and use what we’re offering to develop and grow.”

The centre is open Monday-Wednesday, 10am-3.30pm and Thursday and Friday, 10.30am-3.30pm

To find out more information about the equipment on offer visit or call 01507 479165.

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