Lincolnshire sausages made into a Walkers crisps flavour


THE famous taste of Lincolnshire sausages has been immortalised as the flavour of a new packet of Walkers crisps.

For weeks the nation has been debating the identity of three Walkers mystery flavours. An incredible 793,011 guesses later, Walkers has revealed Lincolnshire Sausage and Brown Sauce as one of three answers to its What’s that Flavour? competition.

There were a total of 3,292 correct answers for mystery flavour A (Sour Cream and Spring Onion) 463 for mystery flavour B (Lincolnshire Sausage and Brown Sauce) and 232 for mystery flavour C (Birmingham Chicken Balti).

All correct guesses were entered into a prize draw, and three lucky winners – one for each flavour – won the tasty sum of £50,000 each.

Nikki Hughes of Nottingham guessed the Lincolnshire Sausage flavour.

Gary Lineker said: “It’s so exciting to finally reveal the three mystery flavours. I’ve had countless people asking me what they are, but actually I didn’t know them myself. I was closest with flavour B though, as I could really taste the sausage but just couldn’t decide between ketchup and brown sauce!”

The three revealed flavours will be available in stores nationwide for a limited period only.