Lincolnshire sausages should be protected says Louth MP Sir Peter Tapsell

SIR Peter Tapsell has given his ‘full support’ to the fight to protect the Lincolnshire sausage.

The Louth and Horncastle MP has backed the Lincolnshire Sausage Association’s campaign for Protected Geographic Indication status for the county’s famous sausages within Europe.

In a letter to the association Sir Peter said: “As Father of the House of Commons, I am happy to add my own full support! I look forward to being invited to the Celebration Sausage Supper in Brussels.”

Sir Peter has previously protected Lincolnshire stuffed chine from a ban which the Brussels Commission tried to put on it.

The government is currently considering whether to protect our sausages.

If passed it would mean that only sausages made in Lincolnshire could use the name, and they would have to be made to a particular recipe.

The Lincolnshire Sausage Association began their quest for PGI status for Lincolnshire sausages over seven years ago, when a meeting of butchers and interested parties was called and the LSA was formed with Janet Godfrey, a Lincolnshire farmer and pig producer, taking the chair.

Since then the association has ‘ploughed diligently’ through the paperwork and consultation process to put together an application which was presented to Defra. A decision is believed to be imminent.