Lindsey Patchworkers cheque presentations

AFTER a successful quilt exhibition which took place in July the Lindsey Patchworkers group has now presented funds raised to the Air Ambulance and LIVES.

The group, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary ,presented cheques of £435 each to the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance and LIVES First Responders at the Conoco Room, Louth Library.

The patchworkers created unique patchwork quilts, two of which were presented to each charity for them to raffle off.

The quilts were specifically made for the charities and patches of the quilts were individually made by each member of the group.

Chairman of Lindsey Patchworkers Sheila Evans said: “We decided to present the money to the Air Ambulance and LIVES because they are local charities that do a lot of good work towards local people in our community.

“We’ve never had a lot of experience or knowledge of these two charities before, so we thought donating the money to them would make a difference and be good local links for fundraising possibilities in the future.”

The popular group of 38 members hold different events, meetings and speeches throughout the year and meet up every first and third Tuesday of the month.

Their next workshop is due to be held on November 29 at the Conoco Room.

The group currently has two vacancies available for new members.

People that are interested in joining are also welcome to attend the next workshop in November.

If patchwork is something you have a hidden talent for or might be a skill you would be interested in learning, call Sheila Evans for details on: 01507 610093.