Line dancers in Theddlethorpe give Blind Society a boost

Line dancers in Theddlethorpe have given the Blind Society a cash boost.
Line dancers in Theddlethorpe have given the Blind Society a cash boost.

The Coaster Line Dancers have been busy turning a heel on the dance floor to raise £130, which was recently presented to the Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, based in Louth, at their Christmas meeting.

The line dancing group is led by Eileen Lowe and they meet every Thursday afternoon at Theddlethorpe Village Hall.

Julie Lilley from the Blind Society gratefully received the cheque from The Coaster Line Dancers and explained a little bit about the work they do.

Ms Lilley commented: “Our aim is to provide audio news, entertainment and talking newspapers for people with a sight impairment, who find it difficult to read normal size print, so that they can enjoy them without having to rely on anyone else.

“This helps to reduce the emotional impact of not being able to read.”

The blind society produced 4,650 talking newspapers last year alone and this work is all undertaken by a group of volunteers.

Ms Lilley added: “The money we have received will help to purchase ‘boom boxes’ for our clients which are small radios that play with use of a memory stick.

“It will also be used to provide a better service to local sight impaired people.

“We are extremely grateful for this kind donation and the support is greatly appreciated.”

For more information regarding the Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society or if you wish to volunteer, give them a call on 01507 605604. The office will re-open on January 4.