Linkage charity calls on businesses to take on learning disabled workers

Linkage Community Trust, the Lincolnshire-based charity, is calling on employers in the county to take on learning disabled workers.

Linkage, which operates a range of services for learning disabled people including further education at Louth and Spilsby, says businesses are missing out on an opportunity to recruit individuals who are keen to work but are often the furthest removed from the labour market.

The organisation has published a brochure to explain about its Employment Services, which shows the charity has worked with some well-known names including WH Smith, Tesco and the Lincolnshire Co-operative.

Linkage offers a chance to fill vacancies for free and provide on-going support for both employee and employer for as long as necessary, amongst a package of measures.

Head of Employment Services James Bird says: “We have a team of specialists who work with clients and employers and have great examples of success.

“So far, Linkage has found paid work in areas such as retail, hospitality, horticulture and grounds maintenance to name a few, but we always need more.

“The brochure helps to explain about our service, in line with our mission to support learning disabled people into enjoying greater independence.”

Kay Harrison, manager of Manor Care Nursing Home at East Kirkby near Spilsby where a number of vacancies have been filled through Linkage, says: “Matching jobs to skills is important. The Linkage service users are great, freeing up our staff to do other crucial tasks. The relationship meets our needs and we have plenty of different tasks for them to take on.”

For further information on Linkage Employment Services, call 01522 507217, email or download the brochure from