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Speaking at the launch of Learning Disability Week, Chief Executive of charity Linkage Community Trust, Ges Roulstone, told of challenges faced by people with learning disabilities in accessing work, but also the fantastic achievements from partnerships with employers. Louth based Fenland Laundries employ three Linkage service users.

Mr Roulstone said: “For young people and adults with learning disabilities, the most challenging journey they face can be the journey into a more ordinary life.

“The ‘ordinary’ things of life that their non-disabled peers take for granted, such as an education which meets their needs, taking an active role in the community and having a job, can often demand extraordinary efforts.

“People with learning disabilities are amongst the most marginalised groups in the labour market and one of the biggest barriers is that too few employers hold the view that these fellow citizens are employable.

“Consequently, young people with learning disabilities are often not in education, employment or training and this lack of opportunity runs through their whole life, leaving them more likely to live in relative poverty with poor health and social outcomes.

“The work of our Employment Services with some of the most forward-thinking employers in Lincolnshire shows how such positive partnerships can open up opportunities for people with learning disabilities, to everyone’s benefit. We are delighted to celebrate these stories in Learning Disability Week and share them with the wider community.”