Linkage post top results for employment services

Linkage Community Trust, the Lincolnshire charity which supports learning disabled people, has found employment for over 30 per cent of its clients in the last year.

Their dedicated employment services team has successfully secured paid work for its service users.

The government’s own work programme found only one in 28 people had been found a job among the 18 companies contracted by the Department for Work and Pensions.

This is well below the 5.5 per cent target set by ministers. In contrast, of the 73 people supported by Linkage Employment Services, 35 are being helped in ongoing paid work and 21 new jobs have been secured in the last year.

Linkage’s Business Development Director Jane Howson said: “All of our services are designed to maximise people’s independence and part of that process is to secure a paid job.

“We work closely with employers to find the right person and our figures show a very impressive success rate at a time when companies nationally seem to be struggling. This is despite the fact that we currently have to find the money to support this service ourselves.”

Successes have come in a range of employment sectors including catering, retail, grounds maintenance and hospitality. Linkage hopes to help even more learning disabled people achieve job opportunities as more people access personal budgets and make their own choices about who they want to provide their care and support.

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