LIVES responds to over 200,000 emergencies since the year 2000

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Lincolnshire charity LIVES have announced that they have now responded to over 200,000 emergency calls since 2000.

Between 2000 and 2016, LIVES responders and medics attended 203,925 emergency calls.

In addition, volunteers recently experienced their busiest month on record - responding to more than 2,000 emergency calls from patients across Lincolnshire in January 2017. LIVES will help more than 20,000 people in Lincolnshire during 2017.

The medical emergencies the charity will respond throughout the year will range from falls, to breathing and heart problems, cardiac arrests and traumatic events such as road traffic collisions.

LIVES responders are trained to deal with a wide range of emergencies and its volunteer medic team respond to more complex cases, effectively bringing the skills and techniques found in an A&E department or Intensive Care Unit to the roadside.

LIVES volunteers have responded to medical emergencies day or night, regardless of weather or location for over 45 years.

Every year, LIVES need to raise more than £1 million from public donations to keep their army of volunteers trained and equipped to be able to respond to any medical emergency across Lincolnshire.

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