Lloyds TSB bank customers in Louth’s Eastgate branch to become part of new ‘TSB’ bank from later this summer

The Lloyds TSB bank branch in Eastgate in Louth.
The Lloyds TSB bank branch in Eastgate in Louth.
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Customers at the Lloyds TSB bank branch in Eastgate in Louth face becoming part of a new ‘TSB’ bank and will soon no longer be able to use the town’s other Lloyds branch.

Lloyds TSB have announced that 632 of their branches will become part of the new ‘TSB’ bank from later this summer.

The branches did look set to become part of the Co-operative bank earlier this year but that deal collapsed and the subsequent deal for them to be rebranded as TSB was announced.

The town’s other Lloyds TSB branch, in Mercer Row, will remain under its current ownership and its customers will be unaffected.

Mablethorpe and Alford’s Lloyds TSB banks will also be unaffected and will stay under the Lloyds branding.

A spokesperson for Lloyds TSB said customers affected in Louth had already been notified and that any disruption would be minimal.

“Any customers going over to TSB will have already been notified of the change,” she said.

“We want to minimise any kind of inconvenience at all.

“They will still have the same account numbers and will still see the same bank staff.”

The spokesperson also dismissed fears raised that many customers at the Eastgate branch were attempting to transfer to Mercer Row in a bid to stay with Lloyds TSB, potentially leading to the Mercer Row branch being oversubscribed.

“We haven’t seen a high demand of people looking to stay with Lloyds from that branch,” she said.