London Road vehicle entrance to Louth Cemetery closed for public safety

THE LONDON Road vehicle entrance to Louth Cemetery has been closed for public safety following specialist advice given by the Town Council’s consultants.

Town Clerk Linda Blankley said: “The archway and retaining wall forming the main entrance from the London Road (A16) is suffering structural damage which appears to have been caused by the exceptionally inclement weather and unseasonably high rainfall suffered during March and April, causing the shrinkable clay sub soils behind the arch and the wall to swell up.

“To prevent any further movement this opening will be shored up until such time as remedial work can be carried out to repair the archway and retaining wall.

“Arrangements have been made to open the gates to vehicles on Linden Walk whenever possible and cemetery users are encouraged to proceed with caution at all times.

“Louth Town Council apologises for any inconvenience caused and is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.”