Loss of sand train would be a blow to Mablethorpe

Losing the sand train would be a blow for Mablethorpe.
Losing the sand train would be a blow for Mablethorpe.

One of Mablethorpe’s most iconic seaside attraction’s is at risk of not continuing next year after it was revealed the sand train needs insurance.

Paul Rush has run the sand train on the beach in Mablethorpe for the last 11 years and has now found out he needs the appropriate ‘hire and reward’ insurance in order to carry on with his job.

He has until March 1, 2014 to get the insurance required or his license to run this popular seaside attraction will not be renewed for the next busy summer season.

Paul said: “I have been told I need all the appropriate insurance in place for next year, but it’s different for me as I run on the beach.

“It’s difficult to get all the right paperwork in place as I don’t have all the normal characteristics of a motor vehicle.

“Currently the insurance companies are looking into it for me, but if I become unsuccessful, then all I am left with is a business which is worthless and I will be out of a job.”

Paul already has public liability insurance but since the Mablethorpe Leader covered the difficulties of bus driver David Tate, the District Council are having to look into the insurance documentation needed of the people who operate a service on the council’s land.

A spokesman for East Lindsey District Council added: “The Council will continue to support these consessions and hope that a way can be found to continue running these popular seafront attractions.

“The loss of the sand train and vinage bus would be a blow to Mablethorpe.

“But Lincolnshire Police have been clear on the requirements for such attractions and the Council must ensure that all concessions abide by the law.”