Lost bear Barnaby is found in Mablethorpe

Max and Jude from Mablethorpe saved the day after finding Barnaby who was feared to have been washed away.
Max and Jude from Mablethorpe saved the day after finding Barnaby who was feared to have been washed away.

After the Mablethorpe Leader published this story on the web last week, readers were left with the cliff hanger of whether Barnaby bear had been found or did he end up being washed out to see.

Well if you haven’t seen the answer in this week’s Mablethorpe Leader, here is the full story now.

A teddy bear travelling from London with the Moughtin-Mumby family had got lost in Mablethorpe and was feared to have been washed away. But luckily, this story has a happy ending thanks to two children from Mablethorpe.

The story starts off with Anastasia Moughtin-Mumby,5, her twin sister Joy and her four- year-old sister Zoe who are from London.

The girls travelled to Louth to visit their grandparents with their mummy and daddy and with them in tow was a bear called Barnaby.

Barnaby comes from Boutcher School in Walworth, South London and it was Anastasia’s turn to take him home for the half term holidays.

Barnaby Bear has travelled all over the world including South Africa, Australia and America.

During his stay in Louth, the girls treated Barnaby to a day out in Mablethorpe where they all had a lovely day on the beach, collecting shells, building sandcastles, and taking a ride on a donkey.

Towards the end of the day they went for a walk along the beach and played in the sand dunes.

But an hour later, a surge of panic struck the three young girls, as they were heading back to their grandparents house, they realised Barnaby was missing.

By this point, it was dark, and to make things worse, when they left the beach the tide was coming in, so Barnaby might have washed out to sea.

Anastasia’s mum, dad and granddad raced back to the beach with torches in search of Barnaby. They looked everywhere, but he was nowhere to be found.

As they were just about to give up hope granddad spotted a small bundle on a bench on the promenade. He couldn’t quite make out what it was, but as he approached the bench he realised it was Barnaby.

Tucked under his jumper was a note, written on a tissue. and it read: “‘We found him on the Beach!

“Hope his owner finds him here, didn’t want him to drown. Love Max and Jude xx.”

Everyone was so happy that Barnaby had been found - all because of Max and Jude’s kindness. Without them, Barnaby would probably now be at the bottom of the sea, lost for ever.

The Moughtin-Mumby family, the pupils at Boutcher school and of course Barnaby would like to say a big thank you to Max and Jude