Louth Aldi go ahead is welcomed


The news that Aldi is allowed to demolish the Malt Kiln and build a supermarket at Newbridge Hill has been welcomed by many.

Comments on the Leader Facebook page included -

Stacie Day: “Woo hoo about time too...Let’s bring louth into ‘today’ not ‘yesterday’.”

Victoria Milson: “Yay its goin finally! Bye bye Malt Kiln!!”

Nicola MacKenzie: “Hurry up Aldi.”

Elli Cassidy: “Woohoo! Finally some progress and rid of an eyesore at the same time!”

Peter Houlden: “About time. We travel to Grimsby to do our shopping, while we are there we call on other shops because we are already there. If Louth had a better choice of super markets more people would stay in the town and use the more specialist shops.”

Siân Squires: “Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.”

Kaylee Epton: “Can’t wait until the eyesore comes down I know it will cause locals a bit of disruption but in the end it will be worth it and surely the house prices will go up now they will have more light and a better view.”

Allison Susan Mycock: “About time another supermarket more choice more jobs and affordable.”

Prior to the decision at East Lindsey District Council, councillors heard from resident Sylvia Pounds who said townsfolk would appreciate both the prospect of a new shop and the visual enhancement of this part of Louth.

However, she cautioned that lights should be switched off when the store is not open so neighbours are not inconvenienced by glare.

Because he has a shareholding in Tesco - an Aldi competitor - Coun Jim Swanson left the meeting during the debate so he could not be accused of conflict of interest.

As a planning condition, a minimum of two bat boxes will be put on trees on the open space to the south of the site to compensate for loss of habitat resulting from the kiln’s demolition.

Not all the many comments to ELDC from the public were in support of the scheme.

One said: “The siting of this supermarket will not be within town shopping area, will require for a car journey separate to using town centre shopping facilities.”

However, many were similar to this comment: “Having moved to Louth 12 months ago, the malt mill was always a horrible scar on the otherwise fantastic town. Visitors were always remarking how ugly the miss was, and a real blot on the landscape. This planning application will not only remove this but provide us with a Aldi nearby so that we will no longer have to drive to Lincoln or Grimsby, where invariably we did additional shopping. This application gets our full support.”

What do other readers think?

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