Louth area Valentine’s Day messages

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HERE are some of your messages of love for Valentine’s Day.

Brian Horrey I love you with all my heart, always. All my love Alice XX

To Shaun, happy valentines day and happy anniversary. Thankyou so much for everything you do, love you so so much :-) love sarah xxxxxxxx

To Quacky. Happy Valentine’s Day gorgeous! All my love always...Love from Chicky XXXXXXX

Peach luv you loads and forever and then more, Daree

To Tut love you always Mel XX

Pete Crow Happy Valentine and all my love to the ‘Hairy Biker’ from Gilly xxx

Steve Ormond we love u lots love Elly, Nicole, Danielle and Zack xxxx

Bug I love you forever. Your honeybee XXXXXX

Curvy Kay, Come and Give me a cuddle! Love from Mr D XXX

Foxy Val Your always beautiful to me. Love and kisses Darcey XXX

Mr R, I Love you and you know who you are, Love Mrs R X

Jenks, will you be mine? Daisy xx


Tooka46, Love you with all my heart and then some! All my love ME XXX

Sally, my arms are your shelter, my heart is your home. All my love Danny xxxx

To my Superman, Happy Valentine’s Day, love you mostestestestest times infinite plus one – Monkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Graham Lawson, sweetcheeks you mean the world to me, love you totally, yours Mrs L x x

Pussy, yet again I love you more, black and White baby. Love tiger xxx

To Jakey bakey, you are my sunshine boo boo, I love you best, love Mumma x

To Mikey moo, I love you best moo galoo give us a kiss love Mumma x

To rocket man carnt wait until your 40th it’s going to be fantastic love froggy x

Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife Andrea. I love you so much, Carl

Lucie Brown, I love you and even your burps. Lots of love Jacob your boyfriend x

Inga milverton happy valentines day love from Carl xxx

FATBOY, Happy Valentine’s Day, love from Princess.xxx

MR.R. SMITH, Happy Valentines Day, love from your sweetheart. xxx

Dean Baxter, happy valentines day, love you forever love Anna xxxx

Jasia Ingamells happy valentines day love from Truly Madly Deeply and girls xxxxx

Gavin Olbison, 10 years together and you still crack me up. I love you, Kate xxx

Eileen O. Happy Valentine’s Day, love you always. Love Cliff xxx

To my Greenboy. Love you always and forever. xxxx Katie xxxx

Dee Love Forever and ever, S.N.D for life. Love always, Dicky xxx

Jonathon Booth, you are my soul mate. I love you with all my

heart, Sharon

Aceman always in my thoughts you will be loved forever.

Hunny Boo Boo