Louth area village to hold street party

TORRINGTON Lane, East Barkwith, is to be closed from 8am to 10pm on Sunday June 3 residents have informed as the Jubilee Committee is organising a Street Party.

It will start at 3pm with hot food served from 4pm and will end about 9.30pm. There is to be a hog roast although guests are asked to take their own salads, desserts and drinks.

It is free for residents although children under 16 must be accompanied by adults as the party is unsupervised. There will be an alternative to meat provided.

Any residents who wishes to take a guest will be asked for a donation of £4 or £2 for a pensioner as the committee has chosen not to do any fundraising and has asked the parish council to make a contribution of £1,500 to cover their expenses.