Louth author releases new novel ‘The Secret Eater’, a fantasy romp for young adults

The Secret Eater
The Secret Eater

A Louth author brings out her latest book today, described as a ‘fantasy romp for young adults’, telling the story of a demon who feeds from secrets.

Ros Jackson’s e-book The Secret Eater, is set in our world, but with invisible demons behind the scenes, feeding off our emotions.

The main character, Kenssie, is one of these demons, but she’s the servant of a demon of embarrassment. It’s a story of witches, demons, and dad dancing.

“Some reviewers have described it as funny, but I prefer to think of it as light,” said author Ros.

Kenssie is a demon who feeds from secrets. Lately pickings have been slim, and she has grown so weak that her shield of invisibility is slipping.

As the servant of a demon who eats embarrassment she already feels like she’s the laughing stock of the demonic world.

But the scorn of someone who thinks that Hawaiian shirts are the height of cool is the least of her worries.

One of the book’s reviews said: “This novella is filled with interesting characters, a unique world where demons exist right under humans’ noses, and ... adventure.”

The Secret Eater is available for £1.49 at www.goodreads.com and www.shelfari.com.

Readers can also visit www.rosjackson.co.uk for more about the author.