Louth baby Lacie brings five female generations together

A family from Louth have celebrated a new arrival over Christmas, after Mollie Crossland gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Lacie.

Remarkably, the arrival of baby Lacie Marie Crossland-Streets last month means that five female generations of one family have been able to come together under one roof.

Three-week-old Lacie is the first child of Mollie (18), the first grandchild of Lisa Crossland (45), the first great-grandchild of Susan Curwen (64) and the first great-great-grandchild of Ivy May Addison (95).

Ivy May, who has over twenty great-grandchildren, grew up in the nearby village of Driby. Every generation since has been raised in Louth.

Ivy May got married in 1939, and worked until well into her 70s. She retired from her job at Louth’s Douglas Electronics Limited in 1997.

Lacie was born at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby on Tuesday December 17 at 6:14am.

She weighed eight pounds and seven-and-a-half ounces.

Lacie’s grandmother, Lisa, said: “Lacie was the best Christmas present that we could ever ask for.

“December 17 was actually Lacie’s due date, and it’s really rare for babies to be born on the due date. Only about four per cent do.

“Lacie is well behaved, although her sleeping pattern is the wrong way round!”