Louth building society leaps in to action for 4x4 responders

Some of the new equipment being gratefully received
Some of the new equipment being gratefully received

The Louth branch of Norwich & Peterborough Building Society (N&P) have leapt into action and come to the aid of Lincolnshire’s 4x4 response unit with a donation of more than £1,800.

The branch, in Mercer Row, organised the £1,814 donation to help the charity replace some old equipment and buy lots more items that will help the rescue service in its mission to support the emergency services across Lincolnshire.

The volunteers, who make up the Lincolnshire 4x4 responders, will have access to new safety equipment to use as part of their rescue missions thanks to N&P’s donation. They will also have lots of new educational equipment, including a projector, to help them on their project of advising schools and businesses about safety and the work of the unit.

Claire Ravenscroft, manager at the branch, said: “This is the biggest donation we’ve managed to make to one single local charity, and we couldn’t think of a better charity than one that does so much to keep people safe.

“We hope with this donation, and showing our support for the charity, we will be making our contribution to ensuring important services just like this one can keep going and keep people across Lincolnshire safe.”

The donation came from the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation. Norwich & Peterborough approached the foundation to request support for the charity they felt strongly about supporting.

The Lincolnshire 4x4 response unit is completely run by volunteers who are ready to spring into action at any time, in between their normal family and working lives.