Louth businessman faces prison if he keeps breaking restraining order

Court news
Court news

Louth businessman John Stuart McLeod has been warned that he will go to prison if he breaches a restraining order for a fourth time.

Mcleod, 67, of Bridge Street, who owns a delicatessen in the town, was appearing before District Judge John Stobart at Skegness Magistrates Court and admitted being in breach of a restraining order imposed in September last year in relation to contact with his former partner Sarah Maloney, following his conviction for harassing her.

The judge heard that this was the third time McLeod had been brought to court for breaching the order and on this occasion he had telephoned her warning her that there were ‘bad lads about’.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said McLeod just could not stop contacting her.

Mark Davies, for the Probation Service, said that McLeod had “notable and entrenched issues with alcohol”.

He said that McLeod was subject to an alcohol treatment order and that he was complying with his supervision and with Addaction but he needed a residential detoxification process, which could not be arranged for another four to six weeks.

He said McLeod lost his thinking skills when he was intoxicated.

The judge said that given the work that had been put in to get him out of this cycle, he would defer sentence until September 23 but warned him that if there was any further breach he would send him to prison.

Telling McLeod that if he ended up in prison it would be completely his own fault, he told him: “You are forcing the courts and everyone else into a corner.

“Everyone has been let down totally by you.”