Louth Cattle Market car park closed because of snow

THE Cattle Market cvar park in Louth has been closed this morning (Monday) because of snow.

Office workers and parents dropping off school children who usually park there found the gates closed.

Some cars sruggled to turn around in the narrow road and had to find other places to park.

One driver said: “I was lucky to have some change to park in the pay and display car park but one lady had a £5 note. There should have been a sign saying car park closed at the opening of the road to the Cattle Market car park to stop people turning in there. It was very slippery turning round.”

There have been no reports of accidents so far this morning.

A Ford Galaxy car came off the road at Camelgate in Skidbrooke at 7.30pm last night.

The male driver had to be helped out of the car by the fire service.