Louth Cattle Market results

THERE was a strong trade again at Louth Cattle Market on Thursday.

An entry of 57 store cattle met with a flying trade, topping at £1,220 for steers and £1,065 for heifers.

The top price per kg in the prime cattle ring was for one of three smart Lim x steers from G L & M Carr of Skidbrooke weighing 545 kgs and selling for 221.50 ppk (£1,207) to L Brown & Son of Lincoln.

The top price steer per head was for a Sim x from G S Paul weighing 714 kgs and selling for 196.50 ppk (£1,403) to Kevin Mellor.

The top price heifer per kg and per head was a Lim x from R J P Odling weighing 530 kgs and selling for 220.50 ppk (£1,168) to Chris Bustance.

The top price per kg for cull cows was an AA cow from A W Smith & Sons Ltd weighing 708 kgs that made 144.50 ppk (£1,023).

The top price per head was for a South Devon cow from G Russon & Partmners that sold for £1,073 to T R Holmes Farms Ltd.