Louth Cemetery could become home to a ‘myriad of wildlife’

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Parts of Louth’s cemetery could become a ‘designated wildlife site’ under plans put forward by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

The trust presented the idea to Louth Town Council, who manage the site, at the council’s latest meeting on August 6.

The trust’s Mark Schofield said the site could become a ‘meadow cemetery supporting a myriad of wildlife’.

The plan would involve less cuts to areas of the site, allowing wildflowers to grow and help other wildlife flourish such as bees. LWT would assist in specialist areas of the new site.

The trust carried out a survey at the 8.2 hectare cemetery in London Road in June.

“In Lincolnshire we have seen grassland loss on a horrific scale, so little of it is left,” said Mr Schofield.

The council will vote on the plans in the coming months.