Louth Chess Club are crowned national champions

Chess champs.
Chess champs.

Louth Chess Club was crowned national champions in the National Club Championships recently after a 3-1 win over Fenton Chess Club from Staffordshire.

Louth qualified for the final from a pool of three teams including Harrogate and Syston.

Their first match was against Harrogate in January, where they emerged triumphant after a win for captain John Grasham and Adam Wardlow, with a draw Cameron Marnoch gave them a 2.5-1.5 win.

Charles Ayton also represented Louth in the match. The second match against Syston scheduled for March was called off after Syston were unable to field a team and they later withdrew from the competition leaving the team a place in the final.

The Louth team travelled to the match against Fenton which was being played in Syston, Leicestershire in optimistic mood despite knowing they would be outgraded.

Team captain John Grasham was joined by Ian Scott, his son David and Gary Scott who is unrelated to the other two.

Louth got off to a flying start after John Grasham won his game after only eleven moves when his opponent, Rob Taylor’s mobile phone went off. In chess it is an official rule that when a player’s mobile phone sounds during a game it is an automatic disqualification.

11-year-old David Scott was next to finish after winning a tight endgame when his opponent blundered a knight as was unable to defend his pawns.

This left Louth only needing half a point to claim the title but two intense games were still being fought.

Ian Scott was able to agree a draw after swapping off with his opponent to leave him a pawn up in the endgame and Gary Scott agreed a draw after the contest was over despite being in a worse position.

Louth Chess Club meets on Tuesdays in Church House, 6 Upgate, LN11 9ET at 7pm.

Players of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend. For more information please contact John Grasham on 07707624975 or at jcgrasham@hotmail.co.uk.