Louth councillor moves to Nottingham - but will continue to serve on ELDC


East Lindsey District Councillor Michael Preen, who represents the Louth Trinity ward, has moved away from the area to a new home in the village of Keyworth, near Nottingham - but he will continue to serve on the district council until next May.

Electoral rules state that councillors must live in the area at the time they are elected, but there is no rule to prevent a councillor from moving away afterwards.

Having now moved away from the area, Coun Preen will not stand in next May’s district council election.

Coun Preen, who has represented the ward since 2007, says that in the meantime he will continue to attend ELDC meetings regularly and will not claim travel allowances to do so, as it would be “totally unreasonable” and unjustified.

Coun Preen said: “I moved to Nottingham for personal reasons, as my family are here. My son is close, and my daughter is also quite close too. My wife is also a Nottingham lass, and my 97-year-old mother will also be living here with us.”

He added: “It will still be easy to represent the people of Louth, as I am always at the end of the phone or an email. It is not at all insurmountable.

“I’m only 90 minutes away. It’s not as if I’ve moved to Manchester or Glasgow, and I will sometimes stay over at a friend’s house in Louth if needed.

“I will not claim travel allowances to get from Nottingham to Louth, as it was my decision to move away and I take the consequences of that, and I think that is entirely reasonable.

“I only have a few months left on the Council [until the next election in May 2015] so it would have been unreasonable to call a by-election as it would have been expensive.”