Louth couple prevented from handing over £5,000 to scammers


A couple from Louth have been prevented from transferring £5,000 to scammers “in the nick of time” this afternoon (February 26).

Lincolnshire Police said that the couple, who have not been named, received a telephone call telling them that their bank branch was being investigated for fraud, and that their accounts may be compromised.

The couple went to the bank to transfer £5,000, but a member of staff at the bank recognised the warning signs and prevented them from making the transfer.

In recent local scam attempts, the offenders will often pretend to be a Metropolitan Police officer from Hammersmith, or they’ll say that they’re from the bank’s fraud department and are covertly monitoring their victim’s local branch. The victims are told not to alert staff members at their local branch.

Lincolnshire Police added that somebody else from the Louth area nearly lost “many thousands” in a separate scam attempt yesterday.

A police spokesperson said: “Louth seems to be the focus for scammers at the moment, following recent attempts in the Skegness area a few weeks ago.

“People need to be empowered with the knowledge, and be aware that these scams are happening.”

The spokesperson added that such phone calls will “always” be scams, and money should not be transferred in such situations.

• If you are suspicious of the conversation you have with the caller, then end the call and contact police via the non-emergency number, 101. Remember to wait at least five minutes before attempting to make the call to ensure you’re not reconnected to the offender, or use a mobile or a neighbour’s telephone.