Louth educated Alfred Lord Tennyson to inspire athletes at London Olympics

WORDS from poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, who was educated at Louth, is to inspire athletes at the Olympics.

The line ‘To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield’ from the poem Ulysses will be carved in stone and located at the centre of the London 2012 Olympic Village where it can be seen by athletes from around the world.

On June 30 St Swithin’s Church, Broadgate, Lincoln, will host an event to celebrate the famous Lincolnshire poet’s work and its connection with the Olympic spirit.

The event, which will begin at 11am will include readings of Tennyson’s poetry by Graham King and Olympian Tennyson, a short lecture by Dr Jim Cheshire from the University of Lincoln.

Grace Timmins, Collections Access Officer at the Tennyson Research Centre, Lincoln said: “Tennyson is one of Lincolnshire’s most famous sons and that a line from his poem Ulysses has been chosen to inspire world-class athletes during the Olympic Games is fantastic. This event will explore and celebrate Tennyson’s contribution to the Olympic Spirit.”