Louth fundraiser of 22 years backs Marie Curie’s plea for volunteers

Paula Bruntlett from Louth has been raising funds for Marie Curie for 22 years.
Paula Bruntlett from Louth has been raising funds for Marie Curie for 22 years.

The Great Daffodil Appeal marks its 30th year in March and will celebrate the work of volunteers like Louth woman Paula Bruntlett, who has been fund raising for 22 years.

Paula has worked hard over the years and played a huge part in raising £200,000 in this area alone for the Marie Curie charity.

Every year millions wear the iconic daffodil with pride to support Marie Curie and, as the appeal’s 30th anniversary approaches, they are hoping even more people will support the cause and help to get younger people volunteering.

Paula,72, with her many years of loyal service to the charity, is the perfect example of why people fund raise. Paula got involved as her grandparents were big supporters of the charity.

She commented: “I am of the opinion that you should help people who are less fortunate than yourself as you never know what help you might need when you get older.

“As long as I’m able to I will always keep supporting the charity in any way I can.

“A lot of the people who help do the collections with me are my age and it is really important that we reach out to the younger generation and encourage them to get involved for future collections.

“Collecting is not an easy thing to do but, to me, it makes it all worthwhile when people give you good feedback about how helpful and important the Marie Curie nurses have been and what a difference they make to people’s families.”

For more information about the charity and how to get involved with volunteering, please visit: http://www.mariecurie.org.uk.