Louth & Horncastle candidates make final pitch to voters

Victoria Atkins, Peter Hill ('The Iconic Arty-Pole), Lisa Gabriel, Julie Speed and Jonathan Noble.
Victoria Atkins, Peter Hill ('The Iconic Arty-Pole), Lisa Gabriel, Julie Speed and Jonathan Noble.
  • Five candidates make their final pitches to voters in our area ahead of tomorrow’s general election (Thursday)
  • Don’t forget to go out and cast your vote between 7am and 10pm.
  • The winner of the Louth & Horncastle seat is likely to be announced in the early hours of Friday morning.

Millions of voters across the country will go to the polls tomorrow (Thursday) to cast their vote in a General Election that will determine who governs the United Kingdom for the next five years.

In the Louth and Horncastle constituency, there are five candidates to be our next MP - but there can only be one winner.

Here are the five candidates’ final pitches to you, the voters...

• Victoria ATKINS (Conservative Party)

“It has been my privilege and pleasure to represent you in Parliament since 2015. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard for you on the issues that matter.

“My priorities will be to help Theresa May make a success of Brexit; to continue to fight for good local health and social care; to lead the campaign to protect Louth Hospital; and to carry on my campaigns for better broadband, good schools, improved infrastructure and flood defences and protecting our rural, agricultural and coastal interests.

“Promises made - and kept - since 2015 include: my Broadband Summit, at which it was announced that thousands more premises will receive superfast broadband; my Jobs and Apprenticeships Fair, which showcased local businesses; and two Flood Forums to get answers for residents.

“Locally and in Westminster, I will continue to speak up for our local area and to champion all that makes us proud.”

• Julie SPEED (Labour Party)

“I represent the Labour Party that has, in its manifesto, fully-costed solutions for the crises that face our nation today - the NHS and social care, education, housing, transport, employment, policing - and has a vision for a better, brighter future for our country.

“I am part of the grass roots community movements that the Labour Party believes is the basis for making our country great once again, a world leader in the care of all in society, a society in which each and everyone of us is a valued citizen and has a part to play in building a better future for our communities.

“A vote for me and the Labour Party would guarantee you an MP who would be constantly in touch with her constituents, an MP that genuinely cares about their problems and concerns, and who would be their voice in Westminster.”

• Lisa GABRIEL (Liberal Democrats)

“Louth and Horncastle deserves an MP who will stand up for the constituency. I have lived and worked in Lincolnshire for most of my life. I love this part of the world and understand its problems. I believe your voices matter and I promise always to put people before party.

“To me, it seems that politics has often been driven by envy rather than compassion or logic. This government has taken away benefits from needy families and now wants a Dementia Tax. Their policies frequently cost more to administer than they actually save, like means testing winter fuel allowance.

“Against a background of grim austerity we see a huge drop in the pound’s value, precipitated by Brexit.

“Our sacrifices have been for nothing and the poor have again been hit hardest.

“The Lib Dems offer change in Britain, fairness, investment in your children’s education, your NHS and your country’s future.”

• Peter HILL, aka. ‘The Iconic Arty-Pole’ (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

“Being the only candidate who does not have to give support to party, I can serve and answer only to the people in the constituency.

“Some of my manifesto was published last week but there is much more.

“Such as making all overseas multi-national companies who make large profits in this country pay tax here. Scrap university fees. Encourage community spirit and self-help via local councils, clubs/groups/churches to improve their neighbourhoods. Find out who is actually getting the £12 billion in government overseas aid. Abolish local business rates to encourage growth and jobs. Stop authorities taking pensioners homes to pay for hospital care. Stop selling our utility companies to overseas buyers.

“Please do not forget the 99p coin, selling of socks in threes, protecting unicorns and saving the Dodo.

“So when you cast your vote in the top square... may the farce be with you.”

• Jonathan NOBLE (UKIP)

“People should vote for me because UKIP is the only party committed to achieving a hard Brexit. We must get back control of our borders and our territorial waters. “Our laws must be made in the UK, completely free from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. UKIP is the only party that can be trusted to control immigration: immigrants must be able to speak English and have a skill that our country needs.

“UKIP is a low tax party which promises not to increase Income Tax, National Insurance and VAT. The billions of pounds that will be saved when we withdraw from the EU and slash the Foreign Aid budget will be used to increase funding for schools and hospitals.

“Theresa May and Chancellor Hammond were for Remain: they cannot be trusted to deliver Brexit.

“I am a local candidate who campaigned hard for Vote Leave, unlike your former MP.”