Louth & Horncastle MP speaks in Syrian refugee debate

Victoria Atkins MP
Victoria Atkins MP

Victoria Atkins MP spoke out in the House of Commons yesterday afternoon (September 7) during a debate on ‘Syria: Refugees and Counter-terrorism’ in which she aired her support for investment in Syrian refugee camps.

Referring to comments made earlier in the debate by Labour MP Harriet Harman, Ms Atkins said: “The acting Leader of the Opposition rightly referred to the contributions that refugees have made to this country throughout history and the hopes for the children whom we are to welcome.

“But ultimately, Syria will need its best and its brightest. Is it not right that by investing in refugee camps in the region we will help — I hope — Syria to rebuild itself in future as well as look after people in the immediate vicinity?”

Prime Minister David Cameron responded: “My Honourable Friend is absolutely right. I repeat the figure of about 11 million people taken out of their homes. All our interests are in those people going back to their homes.

“That obviously needs a solution to the Syrian crisis, but it is the right answer rather than an even bigger movement of people.”