Louth Hospital hand hygiene awareness

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Louth County Hospital is taking further steps to fight infection by raising awareness of hand hygiene. Displays have been set up in Fotherby Ward, out patients and the education centre. Margaret Fairless-Clarkson, Nurse Manager for Infection Prevention and Control at ULHT said: “Good hand hygiene stops the spread of infections.”

“Our organisation continues to take healthcare acquired infection seriously and has been successful in making an impact on rates of infections.

“One of the most effective methods of preventing cross infection is the practice of good hand hygiene not only in the hospital environment but also in the community.

“It is hoped that this initiative together with other projects such as staff training, careful use of antibiotics and environmental cleanliness will assist in fighting infection across the Trust.

“The Trust works closely with our colleagues in Public Health and the community to ensure patients admitted with infections do not pass these onto others whilst they receive the best quality care from ULHT staff.”