Louth Hospital rated ‘excellent’ for food

LOUTH Hospital has outdone last year’s score in the annual Patient Environment Action Team Assessments.

The hospital was rated ‘excellent’ for food, ‘good’ for privacy and dignity and ‘good’ for environment.

Karen Kerman, Unscheduled Care Manager for Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust said: “We are pleased with our PEAT scores this year. We have improved on last year’s environment score and have remained consistent in the two other categories.

“Our score is above average and we will continue to look at ways to improve the scores for 2012 assessments and improve services for our patients.”

All inpatient facilities in England with over ten beds are assessed annually as excellent, good, acceptable, poor or unacceptable.

PEAT evaluation teams are made up of nurses, matrons, doctors, catering and domestic service managers, executive and non-executive directors, dieticians and estates directors. They also include patients, patient representatives and members of the public.